Colon Cleanses For Weight Loss

While the jury is still out of whether colon cleansing is good for you, some people swear by it. Little research has been done on colon cleanses. Discover the best colon cleansers of 2017 reviewed by our health expert at Consumer Health. Your gut has the perfect balance of good and bad bacteria.

Colon hydrotherapy is also known as colonics, colonic irrigation, high enema, and colon therapy. How do I know colon hydrotherapy is good for me? We believe. Performing this type of colon cleanse should not present any problems however, it is always good to check with your doctor if you are pregnant, have a disease, Heres a study that looked at colon cleansing and weight loss. In this study, people lost 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg) on average. The most powerful colon cleanser helped people get rid of almost 7 lbs (3 kg) of weight. Yes, this is a lot better. Mc 100 weight loss.

Colon Cleanses For Weight Loss:

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